ClickFunnels Funnel Graffiti Review [2024]: By Russell Brunson

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Funnel Graffiti Review

People do a lot of things for the sake of their hobby. Similarly, ClickFunnels has come up with Funnel Graffiti. It can be said that it’s a fun thing for funnel marketing.

Although it does not help in business growth or sales growth, it’s a great thing to spot your funnel. It is undoubtedly a very good initiative for ClickFunnels. By applying a funnel graffiti sticker to your home, you can present yourself as a funnel marketer separately.

When people enter your home then they will understand you are funnel marketers. You may have confusion in your mind about funnel graffiti. That’s why we would like to provide you with the Funnel Graffiti review. Through the review, we will highlight its detailed identity.

So let’s start the review with funnel graffiti now.

Funnel Graffiti Overview

Name: Funnel Graffiti
Sales Page:
Price: Free + Shipping Cost  (just $5.95 anywhere in the world)
Recommend: Highly recommend

About Funnel Graffiti Review

A question may arise in your mind about what is funnel graffiti? Does it help to increase sales in any way? Our today’s review is for answering such many unknown questions. ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson wants the life of each funnel marketer to be colorful.

He also wants funnel marketers to have a separate identity in the market. That’s why he brings all the strange things. The last version of which is the Funnel Graffiti.

Funnel Graffiti Review

This will introduce you like a funnel marketer separately. At the same time, it will greatly increase the beauty of the house. Apart from this, you can identify your funnel separately through the sticker. We are going to write Funnel Graffiti review today with all the details of Funnel Graffiti. The full explanation and interpretation of funeral graffiti in the review will be analyzed.

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What Is Funnel Graffiti?

The funnel graffiti is actually a kind of reusable sticker. You can use it anywhere you want. Funnel graffiti stickers can be used in many places such as your home walls, TV, refrigerator, wardrobes, shelves etc.

After using the same sticker at the same place for a long time, you can put off the sticker back and place it anywhere else. Its gum is reusable. As a result, you do not have to face any difficulty to reuse it repeatedly.

Funnel graffiti sticker will greatly enhance the beauty of your home. You can also increase the beauty of your car as well as your house. It’s a great deal for a click funnel fan. This is because the Click Funnels is recognizing you like a funnel marketer separately.

Hopefully, you have understood now what funnel graffiti is. At the same time, you also understood how much graffiti is necessary to use. Some more information about Funnel Graffiti is presented below.

Which Is the Suitable Place to Put the Funnel Graffiti?

You can put funnel graffiti wherever you want. But there are some specific places where this graffiti will look very good. The list of where to place it is given.

On the Television

You can put graffiti on the body of the television. It will increase the beauty of your television a lot. This is because the Clickfunnels graffiti is very nice to see. The look of the TV will seem changed after attaching this sticker. Graffiti means great art. Buy graffiti today to enhance the beauty of your television. If you place your order, you will get it at your home within a few days.

On the Whiteboard

Nowadays the use of the whiteboard has increased a lot. Whiteboard is best for teaching with a marker pen. So you can use this sticker on your whiteboard if you want. Whiteboard will look great for this. If you want, you can remove the sticker from the whiteboard when it no longer looks good to you. Your students will get surprised by watching the sticker on your whiteboard.

On the Refrigerator

You can hardly find out any house where there is no refrigerator. So as a funnel marketer you have a refrigerator as well at your home? The best place for placing funnel graffiti is the refrigerator.

The company put many stickers on the fridge body. It makes the refrigerator look quite nice. You can double the beauty of the refrigerator by using the funnel graffiti sticker.

On the Car

Many people use private cars. If you have a private car and you are funnel marketer then it is assumed you are a successful marketer. So you can get the funnel graffiti from the Click Funnels for free and attach it to your favorite car.

The looks of your car will change within a moment. Apart from this, you can differentiate your car from others by looking at the funnel graffiti sticker. So why will you lose the opportunity to make your car unique for free? So grab the funnel graffiti sticker today and enhance the beauty of your car.

In the Shower

Many of you may wonder after hearing the fact that stickers are used also in the shower. Now you are thinking is that really true? Will there be a sticker in there? As a funeral marketer, why your washroom will also be left without using the touch of Click Funnels?

So place a sticker in the shower too. Now there is a trace of the funnel in the washroom also. Thus, your home becomes unique compared to that of others.

Get Funnel Graffiti for Free

Clickfunnels will give such a nice sticker to you totally for free. Click on here to get these beautified stickers for free. If you order, you will get your funnel graffiti sticker at your home address. For this, the shipping charge will be $5.95. But the shipping charge is nothing compared to the benefit of funnel graffiti. So, today you can book a copy of this for yourself.

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Ending Thoughts

Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels is a person who can see the future. He always wants to teach funnel marketing to everyone in the midst of entertainment. That’s why he has created a beauty sticker named Funnel Graffiti.

The characteristics of his stickers are reusable. If you feel that funnel graffiti does not look good anywhere, you can easily put it in another place. And to introduce yourself as a funnel marketer in front of everyone, you should keep a set of funeral graffiti.

When people will ask you about these at your home you can then introduce yourself as a funnel marketer. As it is totally free so you can collect this and attach to the place you want. We wish that you can increase the beauty of your home by using funnel graffiti.

Disclosure: We are an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. We receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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