Pro Funnel Builder is a specialist organization in providing funnel design consults. Our team, made of a group of talented young professional funnel marketer, has been designing funnels with the great expertise. Our talented funnel marketing team is able to customize any of your required funnel design for your online business. The funnel is becoming so much important day by day in online business. In fact, all the same, funnels are not applicable for all the same type of business. Many have become the great looser due to applying the same strategy to the different type of business. The reason for this is the characteristics of the funnel are different based on different products. That’s why each business has to design different custom funnel. Just designing a custom funnel is not enough, but it needs to be flawless.

But how many people are able to create the perfect custom funnel. Actually, all work cannot be done by a person alone. Of course, it needs expert people to work for some sorts of works. Profunnelbuilder is such the specialist team in custom funnel design. We researched your product with great discretion and then design your funnel without any error. Many of the users have achieved tremendous success using custom funnel designed by us.

We usually design a custom funnel considering all the things like finding out the target customers, marketing everything to the right person etc. Because of our long experience, we can make the accurate funnel design. If you have an online business then once you can try out our custom funnel design. Then you will come to us again and again for the better service. We are providing you here some more information about custom funnel designs.

What Is A Custom Funnel Design?

If you understand the meaning of the word ‘customized’ then it will be easier for you to understand the meaning of the custom funnel design. We call something to be customized when it is designed according to one’s own choice avoiding the automatic system. This is the same case with the funnel design. According to one’s business system, designing a funnel with one’s own preference is called a custom funnel design. Since each product is distinctive so it is necessary to design the funnel separately for every individual product. Otherwise, the possibility of becoming successful by following the common strategies is very low.

Why Does A Custom Funnel Is Necessary?

There are so many types of online businesses in the world that we cannot finish counting all. Different business has different products. Each Business Marketing Strategy differs from product to product. In the era of early offline marketing, though it was possible to become successful by implementing common marketing strategies, now it is impossible to be successful in applying the same strategies to all online businesses. Here, we need to set marketing funnel based on customer research for every different product. So you cannot be successful by applying some same common tricks in online business. For this, it is required to research products and design the customize funnel. Otherwise, there are tremendous chances for being looser in online business. You have now certainly understood the necessity of a custom funnel design. If you have an online business then you must be in a need of a custom funnel. Then the success will be obvious.

How Will A Custom Funnel Work In My Business

Regardless of the type of your business, the function of the custom funnel is to make marketing funnel based on business products. That means where automated or common things do not fit it is necessary to make customization there. Whatever the product or business type is it will ultimately come under the custom funnel. So, we cannot figure it out any reason for not having a custom funnel in your business. Custom Funnel is very effective for any online service.

Which Funnel Is Applicable To You?

There are many kinds of funnels. You do not have to take all the funnels unnecessarily. You just need to take those funnels that best match your business type. To know which funnel is applicable to you, you must first understand the type of funnels. Then you will understand which funnel is most applicable to you. So let us know the type of funnel.

Types Of Funnel

According to the type of marketing, there are several types of funnel. Following are the detail discussion about the type of funnel. Take a look at all kinds of funnel here.

Opt-In Funnels

So you want to start generating leads for your business the best way to convert the traffic that’s coming to your website into leads is to send them through a page that’s usually called a lead opt-in or squeeze page. Opt-In funnels normally consist of two pages and its sole purpose is to capture potential customer/client name and E-mail address, Phone Number plus some other basic potential customer information. Now in this day and age, nobody just hands out their details for free so most if not all Opt-In funnels have some sort of lead magnet such as a:

  • Free E-book
  • Free Report
  • Check List
  • White Paper
  • Free Video Lesson

So you’re thinking I don’t have any of those that I may use, therefore here are some other ideas for a lead magnet:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Initial Inspection/Audit
  • Free Treatment such as Teeth Cleaning, Manicure,
  • Free Cookie
  • Discount Voucher

Sales Funnels

What we mean by a sales funnel is that, multiple pages with some steps of variations in online sales. It can be either two pages or many pages. Basically, the product display page, order page, order confirmation page, thank you page, terms, and conditions etc. are designed in the sales funnel. However, the most common sales funnels are the squeeze page, sales page, order form, order confirmation and thank you page. We make custom sales funnels. In each page, we uphold your product, your individuality, and your proprieties etc. The sales funnels made by us are quite eye-catching. As a result, it becomes capable of drawing the customer attention. We usually change the sales funnel page according to your necessity.

These can be extended by adding one click Upsell and down sell pages often referred to as OTO’s or One Time Offers, below are just a few examples of how sales funnels have been used…

  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Digital Online Programs
  • Tickets For Live Events
  • Music Album Promotion and Sales
  • Supplements
  • Gym Sessions
  • Business Services
  • Home Sales
  • Home Inspections
  • Physical Products (just about everything you can think of has a funnel)
  • Self Defense and Martial Arts Training (both on and offline)
  • Solar Panels and many many more…

Live Webinars

Generally, through 2 pages of attractive design, the products are presented to potential customers directly. As it is done through Live, so the name of this funnel live webinars funnels. He, who presents a live product here, upholds it to the customers with sufficient information. So that, all kinds of confusions fade away regarding the product from the mind of the customers. This is a live product review. In This system funnel, customers can inquire about the product and get the answers. Those 2 pages through which the funnel is created is the registration and confirmation. But now the webinar funnel of 5 pages can be seen often. Apart from the above mentioned 2 pages, the remaining 3 pages are designed in indoctrination part. The live webinar funnel is usually presented through the video. It is best to predict what kind of questions the customers can ask and answer all the questions as a form of FAQs before facing the customer questions. Then the buyers will not have to question unnecessarily. We predict questionnaires and make the answers ready with responsibility.

The normal format is to present educational highly valuable information, answer any questions and include a call to action at the end to encourage attendees to purchase a product, service, program etc. Here are just a few examples of items sold via a webinar:

  • Free E-book
  • Free Report
  • Check List
  • White Paper
  • Free Video Lesson

Auto Webinars

Although it looks like a live webinar, it is actually a fully automatic webinar funnel. The auto webinar is actually functioned with some programmed software. It does not take any person to work but rather is completely automatic. We can see the bots on different sites if we visit those. These bots are included in the auto webinar funnel. Using the auto-winner funnel, we can get quite a good result. All the robots continue to operate 24 hours a day. And the buyers get information instantly at once. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to recruit any paid employee for that. Rather, it is enough to design software once. Then you will be getting the result of this for the rest of your whole life. Auto webinar Funnel contains the following topics.

  • Sign up
  • Attendance
  • Number of attendees that stay until the end
  • Sales

But Auto Webinar Funnel basically has 4 pages. Those pages are: –

  • Registration Page
  • Confirmation Page
  • Webinar Broadcast Room Page
  • Webinar Reply Room Page

Membership Funnels

Membership funnel is actually made for the subscribers. Many organizations offer websites or apps subscriptions in exchange for a specified amount of money. Customers keep the subscriptions continue by paying a certain amount of money per month. There is a lot of income from the membership site. Because once you have made a site, there is no considerable amount of cost to spend in future. There is a lot of money coming from the subscribers every month, so the membership funnel should be very well designed. Membership funnel is made mainly of 5 pages.

  • Sales Page
  • Order Form
  • Order Confirmation
  • Members Access
  • Members Area

Membership funnel is very important to customize. Since there is a payment issue here, so it requires making it secured. Otherwise, the subscribers can keep the subscription continue without paying money by breaking the security of the common membership funnel. So we create a membership funnel for you by customizing it totally.

Our Custom Membership Funnel Design Features

Have a look at the following how we design custom membership funnel.

  • Fraud Protection
  • Secured
  • Auto subscription stops due to arrears
  • No subscription by carding
  • Funnel page design by customized coding
  • Maintenance of our designed funnel

Here at PFG we have built membership funnels for our own members and our clients across multiple niches and in multiple countries, some examples of these are:

  • Fitness Programs
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Facebook Custom Audience Training
  • Real Life Self Defense – Mastery
  • Real Life Self Defense – Essentials
  • How beat the menopause
  • Improve Your Golf
  • Football Coaching
  • Baseball Coaching

Product Launch Funnel

When a product comes to the market for the first time through some techniques is called product launching. That means the inauguration of the product in the market is called product launching. Product launching is a very important funnel. If the funnel design is perfect then it can draw a lot of customer interest and it is possible to get a high sale on the launching day. Suppose the Apple Company campaigns a lot about the iPhone launching date from some earlier days. So that all the customers around the world eagerly wait for the launching date of the upcoming iPhone to get. And the result is a huge sale on the first day of launching. Actually creating the customer interest about a product before coming it in the market is product launch funnel. This is a very effective funnel. But if you cannot work properly regarding this, nobody will show interest and even no one will buy the product in the launching date as well. So the product launch funnel should be accurate. We are expert in creating the accurate product launch funnel.

Our Product Launching Funnel Process System

You will understand after viewing the following continuation of our working process how we make a product launch funnel. Our product launching funnel system is designed for some processes. So let see our working systems.

  • We make an advert on the first day.
  • We campaign to the customer to make them understand the necessity of the product on the second day.
  • We create customer interest by providing product quality, price, etc. on the third day.
  • On the fifth day, we advertise a lot through mail, social media announcing the product launching date which creates much interest among the probable customers.
  • On the seventh day, we campaign the product specification.
  • On the tenth day, we finally launch the product. And a lot of responses come in the launching day.