Top 10 Best Sales Funnel Software To Build & Optimize Your Funnel

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Funnel marketing is becoming very popular with the pace of time and technology. In funnel marketing, there is no binding of spending a specific amount of dollars in a specific time like Facebook. Here in this sector, you can send mail to the target audience as long as you want. Since there is no other cost than the automation software fees in funnel marketing, it is a very popular marketing method for all digital marketers.

You would be able to do your marketing tasks manually in this method but it is very time-consuming. The amount of work you can do in one day with automation software will take several years to work manually. There are several types of software for funnel marketing by which you can create, monitor, and optimize funnels.

In the best sales funnel software review, we would like to discuss 10 automation software. With the help of this software, you will be able to become the perfect funnel marketer. We will have a detailed discussion about the activities, features, and pricing of that software in our review.

Top 10 Best Sales Funnel Software To Build, Manage & Optimize Your Funnel

You could get lots of software for funnel marketing available on the market. But how many are worthy of good performance? In many cases, we frequently see that it is not possible to get the desired result by purchasing the software by spending a lot of money. This is happening because of the use of bad quality software. So, proper software selection is very much important for funnel marketing. The result would also be good if you can use good software.

Today we are going to give you the best idea about the best sales funnel software. Though you can do all your funnel works using only single software, it is best to use specified software for specific work. We will also mention separately which software is more appropriate for which specific purpose in this best sales funnel software review. The 10 software that we will have in our review are below.

1# Clickfunnels– The Legendary Software In Funnel Marketing

Clickfunnels is the emperor without the crown of the funnel marketing world. There is no task in funnel marketing that you cannot do with it. Another name for the perfect and complete funnel marketing is ClickFunnels.

You can create beautiful sales pages using their funnel. You can do things like making opt-in forms, check out and thank you pages. And yes, they are giving the benefits of the full campaign monitoring. With the assistance of ClickFunnels, you can create the webinar and online course funnel simultaneously.

Are you making your site income from the membership? Do not worry; you can do everything for the membership with ClickFunnels. You may doubt that are your target audiences are okay or not. There is nothing so much to worry about. That is why they are giving the A / B segment. This means that you can set the target audience in two ways with the same campaign. So they can usually claim themselves as the best sales funnel software that provides all these facilities together.

Best Sales Funnel Software

Amazing Features

ClickFunnels has some great features to offer you. Here are those features mentioned below.

  • Powerful Drag and Drop Builder: They have kept extraordinary powerful drag and drop builders so that anyone can easily create a new funnel. With the help of this feature, you can create a new funnel even you are new to the funnel marketing sector. They have arranged the menus in such a way that you will easily understand how and what to do.
  • Landing Page Builder: The end of a funnel happens to the landing page. This page will be visually sound and simple. Because, by clicking on your link, your visitor will come here on this landing page. If the page is not attractive then they will leave the page within a few moments. You can create excellent sales pages with ClickFunnels landing page builder. They have designed a lot of templates beforehand. You will not need to be skilled in graphics to run it.
  • A / B Test Segment: It is a very important feature. Because many people are confused about whom their target audiences are. A / B test segment is a very effective method for those who are confused about the target audiences. A / B test segment allows you to set up audiences in 2 different ways. The same campaign has two kinds of audiences, so you would be able to find out the exact target customers after analyzing the results.
  • Campaign Monitoring: You are setting a campaign and probably it is going to be good. But you need to know how much it worked. ClickFunnels will also arrange that for you. They will make a summary of everything and give you the report. It will give you an accurate calculation of how many emails were sent, how many people have opened emails, who have come to the lead page etc. Then you can analyze everything.
  • Unlimited Funnel: You can see a lot of funnel software that allows making the limited funnel. But ClickFunnels will give you full independence in this field. You can create as many funnels as you want. They will not charge any extra amount for that. No matter how many funnels you create, it will give you excellent reports in all respects. we have a more in-depth review of Clickfunnels here that you can check.

Clickfunnels Price

Take a look at their price packages.

  • Up to 20,000 unique contacts – $97 / month
  • Up to 100,000 unique contacts – $297 / month

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2# Infusionsoft – Best Tools For Small Business

There are lots of entrepreneurs who have a small business but do not want to go to marketing automation. In fact, this idea is totally wrong. Even you are the owner of a small business, you should consider digital marketing. For this, your business repatriation and sales growth will increase a lot. Infusionsoft is working on small businesses where everyone is working with big companies.

Using this software, you can do marketing in the automation system completely. With this software, you can do email sending tasks, landing page design, form creation, CRM, autoresponder, social media sharing, payment process, and a lot more. In one word, it is called the best sales funnel software for small businesses. Using this software, you can create a complete funnel for small businesses. You can easily manage everything from the dashboard of this software.

Infusionsoft best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

Here are some of its features added for your better understanding.

  • Automatic Email Sending: With the help of Infusionsoft you can send the automatic email. You just need to add the mail list to their server. If you set the time to the server when you have to send emails, the server itself will start sending emails at that scheduled time. It will save you valuable time.
  • Landing Page Design: The big advantage of this is that you can design landing pages with its assistance. That is why they have kept preloaded templates options. You just have to select one of the templates and add the video, image, and text of your product to that. Then Infusionsoft will create your landing page by doing the rest of the task.
  • Sales Management: You can do your sales management with this software. Meaning you will get the report of everything like how many people click on the email, how many of them come to the landing page, how much the sales are, and so on. In a simple words, it can be called marketing monitoring. You will be able to take further steps for marketing by viewing the necessary sales report summary.
  • Built-in metadata and keyword field: It will not only help in marketing but also work for your SEO related tasks at the same time. There is a field to give metadata on the article of the website. There you can present some interesting information. The search engine will show up in search results like that. If you want to fix the keyword for content, you can do so. Your desired keyword will be starting ranked in search engines.
  • Social media sharing: You can add social media sharing buttons using it. Keep in mind that people are more likely comfortable sharing links with social media icons than copy and then sharing links. The fact that many marketing tools have been avoided, they took great consideration for that. Your content will be shared more and more for that.

Infusionsoft Price

Take a look at their packages.

  • Up to 500 contacts – $ 80 / month
  • Up to 1,500 contacts – $ 104 / month
  • Up to 2,500 contacts – $ 144 / month
  • Up to 5,000 contacts – $ 184 / month
  • Up to 10,000 contacts – $ 240 / month
  • Up to 25,000 contacts – $ 280month
  • Up to 50,000 contacts – $ 304 / month

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You can have a trial to test the functioning of this excellent software. But questions can be asked about how to test the paid software? The simple answer is that you need to click on our referral link. Then you would get the 1-month free trial.


3# Leadpages – Landing Page Designer

In the funnel marketing world, the one which has the identity to its slogan is LeadPage. LeadPage is famous for its landing page design. Keeping the similarity with the name of LeadPage, it can also beautifully design the LeadPage.

When you design a sales page using LeadPage, you will be able to make the visitors say wow by the beauty of the LeadPage. They have also added extra widgets so that you can make landing pages beautifully. Though it is the number 1 in landing page design, it is not lagging behind in terms of other features. You can send emails and bulk SMS simultaneously with LeadPage.

Moreover, it is working perfectly to collect leads using the traffic of social media. If you have confused about the target audience, you can use their A / B test set. Being one of the best in landing page design and heading towards in front because of having lots of other advantages, it can be called one of the best sales funnel software. Using LeadPages will increase your lead generation a couple of times.

LeadPages best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

LeadPage has added many great features. Some important features among those are mentioned here.

  • Built-In Landing Page Builder: LeadPage will give you the advantage of a built-in landing page. You can easily create a new sales page using their landing page builder no matter you are a designer or not. For that, you have to set the text to the image or video of your product after customizing it. They have already made the signup or subscribe form.
  • 160+ Free Landing Page Templates: One of the toughest jobs in the sales funnel is to design a landing page. Many of you are not able to design your landing pages beautifully by the quality designers because of their higher charge. So if you have LeadPage then you do not have to worry about that. Because they have 160+ free templates to design landing pages for you. All of the templates are very beautiful and eye-catching. You will just need to choose a template as per your preference.
  • Advanced widgets: They have provided a lot of advanced widgets for you. Your landing pages will be more enriched because of these advanced widgets. The visitor will feel a lot of ease because of that. They have added some advanced widgets like landing page comment and check out the form and so on. Because of the comments arrangement, the visitor will be able to go with his feedback. If your service is good then everyone will get you positive reviews.
  • Facebook Campaign: With LeadPage you cannot only make email campaigns but also can campaign for Facebook. LeadPage collects many data also from Facebook and stores it on the server. You can easily create a Facebook ads campaign by researching insight data.
  • Dual Targeting Mood: When you set up the campaign, you come to see some of your customers are from the USA and some from Europe. So now you are a bit confused about whom you should target to run your campaign. If you fall into such a situation, LeadPage will save you with its dual targeting mood facility which we usually know as A / B test mood. Then you can set the audiences for both places.

LeadPages Price

Have a look at the packages of LeadPage.

  • Standard $25/month
  • Pro $48/month
  • Advanced $199/month

Free Trial With Our Referral

You may wish to buy this wonderful sale funnel marketing tool enriched with lots of excellent features after testing it. Now you are wondering how could it be possible to test for free as it is a kind of premium software? There is nothing to think so much. You can use it for 30 days for free by signing up with our referral link. Then click on here to get the free trial.


4# Unbounce

Unbounce is an excellent platform for page building. There are so many more features in it that it will be a huge composition if we write all its features. Here are the common features that people normally use. With this, you can design landing pages. They have kept all the ingredients in it for perfect landing page design. Apart from this, you can also create mobile-friendly designs by this.

They have added 85 templates for mobile only. This allows you to restore the old data of the content. They have provided copyright elements for your content so that no one can copy it. You have to simply put a copyright symbol with a single click only.

Apart from this, you will be able to work on multiple client management, A / B set testing and campaign grouping using this nice software. Undoubtedly, it can be said that Unbounce is one of the best sales funnel software. Unbounce will speed up your sales.

Unbounce best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

There are lots of features in Unbounce. From those features, we are going to present some of the necessary features here only.

  • Landing page creator: By default, they are providing the advantage to create landing pages. That is why they have kept lots of tools on the page of their editing page. These tools allow you to work with photos, video uploading, text editing, coloring, and photo editing. Apart from this, there are many templates already have been created. You can customize the pre-made templates.
  • Mobile friendly templates: There are more mobile users than computers at present. So there is no chance of ignoring more people. People will come to your sales page via mobile and if the page is not mobile friendly then the buyer will be disturbed and leave your page. Unbounce designs the template perfectly and mobile friendly. For this, mobile users can also see a beautiful sales page.
  • Fast Loading: In many cases, it is seen that the page becomes too heavy due to excessive design. It takes a lot of time to load for that. Though Unbounce is able to design pages nicely, it does not take any time to load. The page loads very fast. The visitor will not be bothered at all for that. For any reason, if the image is not loaded, you can see the alter text and understand what the image is for.
  • Campaign Grouping: If you want you can do the campaign grouping. Unbounce is also giving that benefit. You can fix the group name by specifying which items are for which campaign. So it will be easier for you to manage the next campaigns for that. After seeing the name of the group, you can understand what kinds of campaigns are available where.
  • A / B test: They have offered unlimited facility for the A / B test set. That means you can create as many sets as you like. There will be no obstruction from them. Many have been offering the advantage of A / B test. But how many of them can get you unlimited benefits? Unbounce has the courage to offer users such benefits that is why they are giving it to the users.

Unbounce Price

Before you use it, let us give you some idea about the price of this nice software. Take a look at their packages.

  • Essential – $ 99 / month or $ 79 / month (billed annually)
  • Premium – $ 199 / month or $ 159 / month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise – Starting from $ 499 + / month or $ 399 + / month (billed annually)

Free Trial With Our Referral

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5# Activecampaign

Another great tool for sales funnel is the ActiveCampaign. Seeing the name, you may understand what its job is. We are going to tell those now who still did not understand, the job of this software is to make all the great reports on active campaigns. It does not stop working doing only this.

It performs everything which is needed to make a sales funnel. This will create email listings, monitor timing actions, and give data after tracking browsing history and many more. This helps you understand what kind of sites customers are willing to visit more. It offers great results in marketing automation. Almost everything it can do automatically.

ActiveCampaign performs the automatic action in everything like check out form and confirmation form of visitors and the thank you form etc. After monitoring your running campaigns, it will provide detailed reporting. So, who thinks this excellent marketing automation tool is not one of the best sales funnel software, they do not understand anything about funnel marketing. ActiveCampaign will also save you time because it performs everything automatically.

Active Campaign best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

So let us get acquainted with some of its eye-catching features.

  • Email Segmentation: You can get the facility of email segmentation with ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign will give you that benefit. Setting the campaign becomes easier if you can do email segmentation properly. Not so much marketing automation software is able to offer such a facility.
  • Campaign Report: ActiveCampaign will also give the report on campaigns simultaneously that is already set. It will present a complete summary of where and how much your email has been sent, how much is the email open rates, how much the amount of click on the landing page, and a whole lot more in front of you. You can understand that how many results come from the campaign and whether there is a problem somewhere or not. If there is a serious problem, it will show up that in the monitoring board.
  • Split Test: You can do a few sets of email campaigning simultaneously if you wish to do. To take advantage of this, you have to use their split test. You can set the A / B segment using a split test. After analyzing the results from the two sets, you can decide the exact target customers. Or you can use the split test again if both of the two sets provide the same result.
  • Lead and contact scoring: How much lead was collected from your sales page, ActiveCampaign will mark that. After seeing the report you can understand how many have provided information or purchases the product. If you see the scoring list, you can find out the details of everyone from where they come to your site and when they come and who they are. And these tasks are completely done automated. You do not have to pay someone to collect these.
  • Contact Management: When someone converts into customers from the lead page then active campaign will do the task of communication process itself with that customer. It will be done without you because the software does it with the help of an automated bot. The software will only need to keep the necessary data input. After that, the ActivateCampaign will do the rest of the task to provide information to the customer on the landing page.

ActiveCampaign Price

Active campaigns have added some packages to their users for better convenience. Then pay some attention to their prices.

  • $17/month for light package
  • $49/month for plus package
  • $149/month for the professional package
  • $229/month for enterprise package

Free Trial With Our Referral

This software is premium sales funnel software. So you wonder if you should buy it without taking a test or not. Although it is premium software, we have arranged a 14-days of free trial for you. Just sign up here by clicking on this link. Then you can run it for free for 14 days.


6# Funnel Dash

The Funnel Dash is a powerful tool in the funnel world. It is very easy to use. There will be no problem for a newbie to create a sales funnel using the Funnel Dash. You can monitor how much you have spent in which campaign by this software. At the same time, you can understand how much money you have earned from your ads, how much leads have generated etc.

Basically, Funnel Dash is the Facebook ads manager. With the help of this, you can create a complete campaign on Facebook. With the help of this, you will get the perfect audit for your ads process. You can find out the interest of your target audiences from the information gathered in the Funnel Dash insight.

You will also be able to find out the target customers age, sex, interest with the help of the funnel. Those who can provide such benefits to Facebook campaigns can be kept in the list of the best sales funnel software review. It is really an excellent ads manager tool.

Funnel Dash best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

Some of the features that the Funnel Dash is enriched with have been discussed here.

  • Academic training: Have you ever heard something that software manufacturers teach everything in pen and paper? If you do not listen then know that Funnel Dash is doing the job. They have arranged for academic training so that you can use their software properly. In this training, they will give you many tips related to funnel in addition to teaching you the use of basic tools. By utilizing their valuable tips, you can also become a successful funnel marketer.
  • Audit Report: Suppose you run the ads campaign on Facebook. So, now you will get the detailed audit reports by the funnel dash of how much money you have earned from the campaign, how many sales have been made, how many people have clicked, how much money has been spent and so on? They will present an excellent audit summary after accurately calculating everything. If you look at just a glance, you will understand the results of the whole campaign.
  • Facebook Live: They come to live on Facebook once every week. Basically the experts regarding the funnel talk about the things related to funnel come to live. You can learn many things from their live discussions and ask them any questions if you have as well. There will come many variations in your sales strategy by watching expert panel live. By utilizing the knowledge gained from live you will become the more expert marketer.
  • Simply Get Client Data: The first condition to be succeeded by the ad campaign on Facebook is to have a suitable customer target. But it takes a lot of time to choose the right customer. Still, the correct data is not available. But you will get client data easily using Funnel Dash. Funnel Dash will provide you with all the information within a moment about who the target customers are, what they are most interested in and lot more. And you can create a successful campaign in the fastest time.
  • Easy to use: The biggest advantage of the Funnel Dash is that it is much easier to use. Anybody who can use Facebook can set the campaign with it. The menu of this wonderful software is very user-friendly. There is no problem if you do not understand anything. Their live support system is on Facebook. If you do not understand anything then you can know everything from support. You will hardly find this type of user-friendly funnel software.

Funnel Dash Price

Funnel Dash is paid software. We are now going to tell you their price list.

  • Basic Plan is $99/month
  • Pro plan is $299/month
  • Agency plan is $11,999/year

Free Trial With Our Referral

There is no alternative to using Funnel Dash if you want to be successful launching ads on Facebook. You can use a free trial for 30 days on a test basis. If you sign up by clicking on our provided link, you can use the Funnel Dash for 30 days without costing any money.


7# Hotjar

We have talked a lot about a lot of funnel software so far. So now we are going to give you an idea of exceptional software. The working method of HotJar is totally different from all other funnel software. HotJar will monitor the movement of the visitors to your site. It keeps an alert eye on the visitor’s mouse pointer. It also took a look at these like where the visitor clicked, where the visitors have moved their mouse pointer etc.

Apart from this, it keeps the record of the screen of the clients during the visiting time to the site. You can understand from the HotJar report in which product the visitors are interested in your site, where the visitors have spent more time, what they really want etc.

So in the simple word, monitoring the activities of the visitors is the job of HotJar. You can easily track the interest of the visitors using the HotJar. Now tell us why this exceptional software will not be listed on the best sales funnel software list. With this, you may not create the complete funnel, but if you use HotJar data in other funnel software, then normally the success rate will increase.

HotJar best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

Hotzars have provided some nice features. So let us look at their amazing features at a glance.

  • Unlimited Response: The big advantage of HotJer is that its response rate is unlimited. No matter how many visitors come, it will continue to do all the work. It does not have any fatigue even after working day after day. It will response all the time no matter when the visitors come. HotJar never neglects its responsibility.
  • Visitor Recording: Whenever a visitor clicks on a link and come to your land page, the HotJar starts recording that. You can see everything like where the visitors have clicked, where they are taking their mouse etc. That means you will get the full video of the visitor about what they have done after coming to the site. It will be easy to track the summary of the visitor interest for that. The more accurately you can understand the interest of the visitors, the more you will be successful in the sales funnel marketing.
  • Feedback Pool: You can set up a feedback pool to find out how much satisfied your customers are to come to your site. Feedback pool is an easy feature of HotJar. You can easily create this pool on the landing page with the HotJar. If the pool is set, then the buyer will make his choice. You can later find out the visitor’s feedback by analyzing the pool. Visitors’ feedback means that they have given you a valuable advice.
  • Unlimited users: There is the limitation to many sales funnel tools. But the HotJar is very generous in this case. They are offering unlimited users facility. You do not have to pay any extra fee no matter how many users come. It can also save data from millions of users. For providing such advantage, the HotJar will be ahead of others.
  • Survey: You can do surveys by HotJar if you want. The survey is another popular way to find out the visitor’s interest. You will conveniently set questions. And the customer will answer the questions of the survey. You have to ask questions in such a way that the full interest of the buyer will come out. You will not get such the great feature in any other funnel software. By participating in the survey, the buyers will be pleased to give you all the information as well.

HotJar Price

You may want to know the price plan of those who can give such a great opportunity and be wondering what their price plans might be like. So now are presenting their prices in front of you.

  • Free Plan
  • Plus Plan – $29/month
  • Business Plan – starts at $89/month

If you want to enjoy their free plan then click on here. You will be able to run it totally for free.


8# Instapage

You would be able to perform your funnel marketing like the expert marketers using Instapage even if you are very new in funnel marketing. They have arranged the features in such a way that anyone can easily use everything. More importantly, using Instapage, you will gradually become an expert in funnel marketing. Then you can create a sales funnel with powerful software.

With Instapage, you can create such the excellent landing pages that will help you a lot to increase your lead collection and sales. Apart from this, they will give you very strong information after analyzing data. And you can test A / B test segment using their server if you want.

But the Instapage is not the complete funnel software. You have to take services like autoresponders, payment processes through the third party. Instapage itself has given the advantage of taking the services from the third party. Considering the new people, there is no doubt that Instapage is one of the best sales funnel software. Using Instapage, you will also become a skilled funnel marketer.


Amazing Features

Instapage has a lot of eye-catching features. Some of the features among those have been mentioned here.

  • 200+ Landing Page Templates: In funnel marketing, the most difficult task for young people is to design landing pages. Instapage has made it a lot easier. They have already created 200+ demo templates beforehand. You can simply select one of the templates and create a wonderful landing page after a little modification. This will increase your sales growth and lead collection ratio.
  • Website Builder: You can also create websites using Instapage. You just need to set the domain name to their website builder. Within a short time, you will get a ready-made website. If you can build the website from that, why would you spend extra money on the developers? No other funeral marketing tools offer any website builder facility. This is totally their unique feature.
  • Widget and Form Creator: Creating forms in Funnel Marketing is also very important. Instapage will also help you to create forms. You can easily create a form with their form creator. And with the widget, you can play video and add CTA button. With the help of widgets and form builders, you can present the landing page more beautifully.
  • Strong Analytical Report: Instapage will provide you with all the tools for Deep Analysis. Using their A / B testing method, you can set the target audience exactly. In addition, the Instapage itself will provide you the report after conducting the deep analysis. Basically, it presents the summary after collecting the data of the visitors from the lead page. If you look at the summary, you can understand the motives of the whole campaign.
  • Third party facilities: Instapage understands its limitations. So they will not keep you tight within their boundaries. They will arrange the process to integrate with the third party for those services which they are unable to provide. You can integrate any other software for payment processing or autoresponder. You will be able to use the preferred software independently because of this facility. But many funnel marketing tools do not want to give third-party access.

Instapage Price

We will provide you the idea about the price of this software that is great for new people. Then see their price list at a glance.

  • Core package is $69/month
  • Optimizer package is $99/month
  • Team and agency package $179/month

Free Trial With Our Referral

As the reviewer, it is better to test a free trial before buying premium software. Click on here to get your 14-days free trial.


9# Mindmeister

The key to success in funnel marketing is to set the target audience exactly. The more accurate the target audience is, the more the success rate will be. But it is very difficult to find out target customers in the fastest time. Even if it is impossible, you can do the job with the MindMeister. With the help of this, you can quickly find the target audience. And it is not that much difficult to do that. Rather the MindMeister will make your work much easier.

Besides, with the help of this, you can make sales as well as highlight your thoughts also among everyone. If you can present valuable data, you can also get a lot of leads from there. It is also very useful for online mind mapping.

The fame of MindMeister is everywhere for article research and presentation. And the price of this helpful software is very low. Considering the study and funnel marketing, it is included in the list of the best sales funnel software. It is the exceptional funnel marketing software.

MindMeister best sales funnel software

Amazing Features

Some of the excellent features of MindMeister have been presented here for you.

  • Easy to access: MindMeister is very Simple software. With this, you can visit the run from any browser. There will be no problem on mobile also. One of the easiest things is to get access to inside it. You just have to put only the URL of their site in the address bar of the browser. After that, you will reach the wonderful software like this within a few moments.
  • Mind mapping: The reason that funnel makers use this is online mind mapping. Because of the mind mapping facility, everyone uses it for funnel marketing though it is a tool for educational learning purpose. It allows you mapping by tracking different people’s thoughts. If you understand someone’s thoughts, then the objective of selecting the target audience is only a matter of time.
  • Increase engagement: You can increase the engagement with people by this. Engagement usually increases with the help of interaction and mutual help. Your objective will be to learn their information by tactfully providing education. The more you can increase the engagement, the more information you can be able to collect. Then you can use the collected information in marketing.
  • Researching: You can also use it for research purposes. All the information you need to research will be available in its insight. You will find lots of people around you to help. If there is a problem, you can get the solution as soon as you make a post seeking help. Your research will be absolutely accurate for that.
  • Presentation: They have managed the arrangement to present what you have researched. Thousands of people will read your great informative research presentation then. It allows you to spread your thoughts easily to everyone. You can collect leads through research paper presentation tactfully. If your writing is of high quality then everyone will give their information.

MindMeister Price

The price of this excellent tool is absolutely cheap. Take a look at the price of their different packages.

  • The basic edition is free
  • Edu Personal is $3/month
  • Edu Pro is $5/month
  • Edu Campus is $1/month
  • Personal is $6/month
  • Pro is $10/month
  • Business is $15/month

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You can use this great software totally for free of charge in limited opportunities. To get the benefit, please click on our link and register and enjoy lifetime free edition.


10# Bizible

Bizible is the most useful funnel software for those who make B2B sales. This will help you grow your B2B sales. It will give you information about how a potential buyer can be found. Their biggest advantage is tracking the website events.

It means that it will give you information about which of the event is happening on which site, which trend has been responded a lot to where and so on. With their website event tracking facility, you can understand how and where people are moving for what, what their trends are, what they actually want. When you get these data, making a policy for you will be a lot easier.

Bizible provides a very good result in revenue tracking and ROI. By tracking data from its insight, it can be understood where more revenue is possible to generate. The contribution of Bizible to increase the company’s sales performance is undeniable. Bizible is considered one of the best selling funnel software, considering the wholesalers. Bizible has been rewarding to the wholesale traders as the return of faith from the very beginning.

Amazing Features

So let us mention some of its features to give more ideas about Bizible. So take a look at some notable features of Bizible.

  • Website Event Tracking: The big advantage of Bizible is that it will track the custom events of the websites which you will be customizing. It does not just track the event rather it will provide the report from the data analysis from the tracking. You can learn more about where the event is going on and what it is based on. If you want to use the event’s cloud, you can generate good sales.
  • Dedicated attribution success manager: To be successful, people have to be dedicated. It also applies as well as to software also. Bizible is dedicated to its working to bring success to your business. Their dedicated attribution success manager feature is quite useful. This feature will bring you a certain success. You just have to utilize it properly.
  • Live chat in sales page: You can make an arrangement of the live chat on the sales page using Bizible. For example, you can ask the visitor from where they got links to your site, how they have come here etc. You can also get the information if there is a problem with the visitor. For this, the user experience of the potential customers will be very good. After getting a great support on sales pages, the users will come back over and again to buy the product from you.
  • Perfect B2b Marketing Tools: Most marketers are marketing to sell retail with single products. But there is not enough attention of most of the people in the fact that there is plenty of shopping in B2B. Bizible has set their features for wholesalers keeping these in their mind. In simple terms, there is no better software for B2B marketing. The job of this wonderful software is to give the trace of the potential customers after analyzing data from the internet.
  • Deep Insight Data: They store many data by tracking the events of websites. If you enter to their insight, you can see lots of data. You can analyze these data and do marketing by targeting potential buyers. Apart from this, they also collect interests from your sales page and provide reports. This is a perfect funnel marketing tool for data analysis.

Bizible Price

Their price is not expensive. Let’s see it.

*for the single user they offer $69/month.


Final Thoughts

As the funnel marketer, we have introduced you to the best 10 sales funnel software. Hopefully, we have presented more information than you can imagine. We have highlighted all the great features separately beside the product descriptions as well so that you can understand what can be done with which software. We believe that no one will have any question further about funnel marketing software.

All of the software which we have included in the best sales funnel software review is of quite good quality. But there is some software that can be used for doing complete funnel marketing. The ClickFunnels will be quite ahead of those.

You can choose ClickFunnels if you want. But others are not too far behind compared to ClickFunnels. Again there is separate software for some specific functions. You can also choose specific funnel marketing tools matching to your needs.

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